Sunday, January 27, 2002


Hardwood or diamonds, what is the real beef here? It seems that Mugabe has struck a deal with a foreign businessman for diamond rights. Naturally the Guardian are worried more about the "irreplacable hardwoods" that are being felled - but this story gives an insight into a usually unstated reason behind the demonisation of Mugabe, his involvement in the Congo. Indeed, in one of his madder speeches Tony Blair said the he wante to "sort out the blight that is the continuing conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo". No doubt any rebuilding will be helped by favoured companies.

In other news, the EU looks set fair to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe (particularly freezing assets) and a white teenage opposition activist has been arrested for suspected involvement in a kidnapping, although it may be a set up.

A piece that has got little attention over here, the war veteran's national secretary has been arrested. The moral, don't assume that all Mugabe's goons are beyond the law just because the papers say so.


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