Thursday, January 17, 2002
The Bay of Brigs

What's my opinion on Guantanamo bay, I've been asked.

It's really not my concern. The prisoners were fighting for an Afghan regime against America. This is not a British row. That Britain should not have been involved in what was essentially a justified American war is still true, but this is not like the "revolt" at Mazar-e-Sharif where British forces played a full part. Let America does as it will. I'm neither American nor Afghan, so my voice doesn't count. Nor should it. Nor should Blair's.

And the three Brits who got caught? Well they left the British Isles, and therefore the protection of British law, under their own free will. They shouldn't complain now.

And there's this article in the American Prospect, that says that criminal justice should be tougher and not militarised. Something I've been saying, apart from the fondness for international courts.


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