Monday, January 28, 2002
Are Atlanticists or Anglospheracists "a Fifth Column" in the British body politic as fellow
columnist David Carr claims. He says that this is a good thing.

I tend to think of my Atlanticism, whatever little is left, as much as the Gaullists thought of their Anglophilia. Yes they are possible allies in a cause, but to be under the same government? No thanks.

He also makes a rather odd comment in his analysis of the 90% support for the treatment of the Camp X-Ray prisoners. He claims that it had to do with common law. Excuse me? I can't imagine that most people thought much beyond cutting up rough with some foreign terrorists. Any way, isn't it rather out of place to celebrate the common law when you have a rather loose relationship with habeas corpus? I would say that the 8-10% who oppose the treatment have a far too high opinion of the applicability of common law when fighting a war.

By the way, if you're assuming by this that I'm in any way unfavourable towards the bay of brigs, please read this.


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