Wednesday, January 09, 2002
Anathema pronounced

I have been asked to put these comments on the web log, and I am happy to oblige.

The first are some comments on the Anglosphere and multiculturalism:


It is a quality of small minds to assume that ad hominem attacks will be recognized as rational logic. I would simply point to your cited article's penultimate paragraph and wonder why you think that Anglospherism is in any way restricted to Caucasians on any particular continent except as an historical circumstance in the past. Another citation you may wish to peruse BEFORE you make more comments to Iain Murray is which goes into more detail on the meaning of the Anglosphere or for your racially oriented edification in which Bennett ponders the links between present Anglosphere and that country which may well become a viable Anglosphere component in the next century.

"small and new religions" pah! Skip the polemics and do some reading.
This is from me:

It is a feature of small and new religions that they assume that opposition to them is informed by ignorance, which may be a fair assumption as the world usually is ignorant of them. This is not the case with my knowledge on the Anglosphere, which I recognise as the main challenge in right wing thinking on foreign policy thinking to a policy based on the national interest.

The point about gratitude is interesting and emotionally appealing, however think about where it leads us.

The Arabs fought for us in the First World War, and the more religious of them in the Cold War. Should we base our Middle Eastern policies around this fact?

Should gratitude only be extended to English speaking whites?
re: going to war for Darwin

A suitable precedent would be that Darwin went to war for Britain in 1914 and 1939. Especially in WW II, there wasn't much of a reason for Aussies to die in the Benghazi desert, but they did. Go figure it out yourself, and read Bennett BEFORE you criticize him ignorantly. It may take you a day to read a significant portion of his work.

And this from a comment on the comments:
I never called you a "racist", you misquote my "for your racially oriented edification" which referred in turn to your own division of the world into whites and others. Of course if you prefer to wear that title, de gustibus non disputandem est.

I see from this that there is a question which I havce not yet answered, and I will, after I've done a bit on Blair's insipid speech.


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