Sunday, January 06, 2002
What is the world coming to

Mark Steyn is getting so hawkish that he's almost coming out at the other end. Take this:

EVERY time I switch on the television these days, there's a panel discussion on whom we should bomb next. On the need to bomb someone there's general agreement - not just from the ex-commando types in leather jackets who now run mysterious "consultancies" but also the sissy-boy liberals. It's like casting Scarlett in Gone with the wind: Osama and Mullah Omar are being written out, and it's just a question of deciding which lucky "evildoer" lands the plum role of having the next Daisycutter dropped on his head.

Note: This is actually to be good. Apart from the film references and some of the more colourful adjectives that could be written by Justin Raimondo.

He raises some interesting points on Britain's "lack" of support for the war. I would say that 70% is still pretty overwhelming for a war which is going to end up with British civilians being at greater risk than previously.

An excellent part of Mark Steyn's work is the way in which he quotes hawkish "bloggers" such as Ken Layne and Glenn Reynolds.


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