Tuesday, January 15, 2002
Weirdo Alert

Not an Odinist this time, but an IRA racist:

There is no sectarianism in the six counties. Sectarianism gives the impression that their is two sides to the isue. Only one community attacks school kids, pipebombs homes and intimidates ordinary people.

Yes, its those satanic Prods. Send them to the gas chambers! Not all the IRA are genocidal maniacs, some just believe in expelling the Protestants to Scotland.

As usual, any more political weirdos, please send them to me.

On the same subject, I'm not hopeful, but a recent speech by the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, Richard Haass may signal a new Amerian approach.

This rage which spilled out in this inexcusable behavior was rooted in economic distress, lack of educational opportunity and uneasiness over demographic changes, lack of proper housing, and - most importantly - a woeful fear that the new society being built in Northern Ireland offers little place for those doing the protesting: for Protestants, for loyalists, for unionists.

What the world simply saw only as sectarian bigotry was much more. We were witness to a community in the midst of a painful transition. This growing insecurity and feeling of isolation on the part of many in the Protestant community has manifested itself in different ways. It, for instance, underlies both the shift in unionist politics away from the moderate center and the growing violence in loyalist communities.

Is this payback for the support that the IRA has been giving to just about any anti-American group around?


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