Tuesday, January 29, 2002

Some feedback on my leaving:

Just a note to say good luck in all your endeavors. I'll miss your columns even if I didn't agree with their contents. Still, I looked forward to examining other viewpoints, I find that they serve and reinforce my own conclusions. I thank you for providing that "other" viewpoint on so many occasions.

This note is certainly not meant to be argumentative, but I do wish you would re-examine your view on British involvement in the war on terror. You seem to portray the British Government as mere lap dogs of the U.S. In as much as we are a like people facing a common enemy I can't imagine the Brits not wanting to help out. Your logic states that if London suffers a flood or famine, Liverpool should stay out of it if they are not affected. National Interest is whatever you deem it to be, I for one believe it extends beyond boundaries and oceans.

Again, good luck and best wishes.


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