Thursday, January 31, 2002

Ripples from Zim

So we failed to suspend Zim from the Commonwealth. The Anglosphere seems awfully First World at the moment, does it not. I will get some well deserved specks of white froth directed my way for this, but it does seem that all those condemning Zim have a similar skin hue. So is Zim part of the Anglosphere? South Africa? India?

It also raises the point of military action. Where on earth will we station any troops?

It also raises a question as to how the hell they didn't see this coming, and if they did why did they want to give such a pre-election fillip to Mugabe? Any way, shouldn't we simply suspend ourselves from the Commonwealth, I don't see why our foreign aid budget or diplomatic efforts should go on propping up nasty (English speaking) dictatorships.


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