Wednesday, January 30, 2002

Bucket on the head time

Yes, I feel like I have been going around with a bucket on my head. I've just got a rather cross comment (within the comment box) on a piece that I wrote yesterday. I now have an idea as to why all the anglo-sphere true believers are convinced that I'm implying that they're racists. It genuinely puzzled me until one of them actually objected to the term Anglospheracist. I had been using the term purely neutrally, as in "Marxist" or "Socialist", just a use of the suffix -ist. I didnt look at it like "Anglosphe-racist", which is how a lot of people seem to have seen it.

The Anglosphere may be a bad concept, but I accept that it is not a racist one. So here's an apology for insensitivity and, inavertant slander, not for slander itself as it was never intended. I would say that if the term gets into common currency it will also be mangled by far less friendly hands.

So I will try to avoid the term Anglospheracist, and instead use a less pernicious one like "white commonwealth suppremacist". That was a joke, by the way.

And if you didn't click on the link in the previous posting, Perry de Haviland wants you to do so again.


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