Sunday, January 06, 2002

A powerful attack on the bankruptcy of the left wing "Peace Movement".

Watching that march and rally, it occurred to me how powerful an image could have been created if each demonstrator had carried an American flag and, perhaps, a black cardboard silhouette representing those who had perished in the attacks.

Instead, the rally unfolded as some kind of robotic rent-a-demonstration, morally and politically detached from this crucial historic moment. A succession of speakers mounted the podium, genuflecting only briefly--if at all--to the dead before campaigning for the usual Top 40 list of progressive issues, from universal health care, to drug-war reform, to freeing death-row prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Written from a left wing point of view it then talks a lot of rubbish about the left wing agenda. The real story is that the anti-war left has failed because its cure all - socialism - was fated to fail. For those people who genuinely wish to oppose the "military-industrial complex" the only place for them now is on the traditionalist and libertarian right.

The alternative is the managerial class - the war mongers.


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