Wednesday, January 09, 2002
Locke Step

In the entry below there is an interesting comment attached:

Can we also agree with Locke’s principle and apply it to foreign policy?

“Human beings are entitled to be treated as if they were equal on all matters important to them. It is up to the people who accept this moral principle to see to it that everyone has the minimal resources needed to make the principle workable in practise”.

This is the moral imperative that implores the culture of the Anglo-sphere to over-ride strategic interests to ensure the values of democracy.

Mr Tupper is not really an Anglospheracist, as they see the Anglosphere as being in the enlightened national interest, something that Mr Tupper sees through. It is a moral imperative to spread democracy by force.

Well I'm no egalitarian. To me equality before the law in the jurisdiction to which I belong is all I ask. Equality of means is pernicious and equality of opportunity is impossible. And what about equality before the law in other societies? Well that's up to them.

As Churchill (roughly) said when it was pointed out that the Communists would be disastrous to Yugoslavia, "Do you live in Yugoslavia? Do you have any plans of doing so?"


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