Thursday, January 17, 2002
Andrew Dodge has e-mailed me a link to his comments on the Anglosphere, and he kindly calls me a moron. He takes issue with my accusing the Anglosphere cult of being racist. With respect to Mr Dodge he misses the point, I honestly don’t think that the Anglosphere is a racist belief system, it is cultural. The racist tag comes from Tom Roberts, another Anglosphere induct accused me of racism, rebutted by pointing out that the Anglosphere is based on the USA plus the White Commonwealth. And no one can deny that the White Commonwealth, by its very name, was based at least partly on certain genetic ties. However, that is not the point.

My problem with the Anglosphere is not imagined racism, but simply that it subsumes Britain’s strategic interests to cultural links and that it tries to tie us into a permanent alliance when international relations is by the nature of things in a state of slow moving but constant flux.


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