Sunday, January 20, 2002
Mugabe and Free Britannia

Some more feed back:

Entirely agree re Zim, a country with which we have sentimental ties and all that but which is no longer any concern of ours. No matter what one thought of the Smith regime, it is interesting that, so far as I know, nobody here has offered the rather obvious comment that the rule of law in Rhodesia was considerably stronger then than it is now... Probably too cowardly.

Not long ago I took up a hint of yours to look at a site called, and immediately saw you being subjected to some extraordinarily abusive treatment by people who failed to deal with you politely & rationally, and who dished out some very nasty abuse. Nevertheless I joined, and contributed a few posts, but came in for similar treatment! When I attempted to suggest that being anti-federalist did not mean one had to be hostile to other European countries, especially France, the American "moderators" (wildly inappropriate term in their case) reacted with hostility and total intolerance. Some of the posts, from the US and UK too, were rather disturbing, and I departed, concluding that either they were a bunch of xenophobic crypto-fascist conservative authoritarians, or a bunch of commies seeking to discredit the Eurosceptic movement by painting its adherents as rabid loonies... A distasteful but thankfully brief episode!

Keep up the interesting output.

On the issue of Free Britannia, I don't think that the moderators are fascists or leftist double agents - just a bunch of rather inadequate yanks who desperately wish to be British.


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