Sunday, January 20, 2002
New Team

Airstrip One is no longer a one man show. Two new people have been added on:

Christopher Montgomery. Christopher is an historian who is currently writing a book on the historiography of the Suez crisis. He has also recently taken some time out to run the Iain Duncan Smith campaign office, and for a while was working in the leader's office of Conservative Central Office. A young representative of the die hard tradition he believes that Enoch Powell was right on everything apart from immigration.

David Carr. David is a solicitor who specialises in I know not what. He is that rare breed, an Anarcho-Capitalist, and that even rarer breed a realistic one. He is active in the Libertarian Alliance and is also a veteran of web logging, writing for "Samizdata". He is an admirer of America, although not a believer in political union with our cousins over the pond.

Hopefully these two young men will make themselves known soon.

If you want to join in the fun please send an e-mail to me. We will be adding one person a month, if there are any suitable people, until we have about ten contributors. To contribute you have to be:

1) British
2) Writing from a national interest viewpoint
3) Prepared to limit your writing for this web log to (broadly) British foreign policy
4) Be a good writer.


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