Tuesday, March 18, 2003
Zimwatch: Signs of Movement - 18th March 2003, 22.15

If there have been no postings here about Zimbabwe, it is not for lack of news. The land seizures have continued to the rallying cry of "one farmer, one farm" and have succeeded in confiscating 98% of the commercial farms. It is now clear that the commercial farming sector in Zimbabwe has ceased to exist and that no successor industry will be in place for many years to come due to the destruction of infrastructure and resources. Zimbabwe is now condemned to penury and dependence upon food aid as long as the current regime exists.

Now that the confiscations have taken place, Mbeki administers a faint rap over the knuckles although this should be set against his behaviour as a Chiracist in trying to coax the Commonwealth into ending Zimbabwe's suspension. Mbeki may be willing to demonstrate his loyalty to the thugs and fascists of Zimbabwe, since he's never renounced violence as a political tool if necessary and still feels guilt over sitting out the struggle against apartheid.

The Zimbabweans treat Mbeki's amoral atonement with the contempt it deserves and are once again showing more courage at a time when all eyes are elsewhere. Tonight 80% of the country is shutdown as people have responded to the MDC's call for a mass strike. Riots have been reported in Harare and Bulawayo as the strikes have been declared illegal and subjected to heavy handed police violence. The Zimbabweans are beginning to respond and to state in both word and deed that they will not countenance the existence in their midst of kleptocrats who have stolen from them and ruined their lives.


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