Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Tory Rebellion Latest

So who are the new Tory rebels?

The full list is:

Peter Ainsworth (Surrey E)
Richard Bacon (Norfolk S)
Tony Baldry (Banbury)
John Baron (Billericay)
Kenneth Clarke (Rushcliffe)
John Gummer (Suffolk Coastal)
John Horam (Orpington)
Edward Leigh (Gainsborough)
Humfrey Malins (Woking)
Andrew Murrison (Westbury)
Richard Page (Hertfordshire SW)
John Randall (Uxbridge)
Jonathan Sayeed (Bedfordshire Mid)
Ian Taylor (Esher & Walton)
Andrew Turner (Isle of Wight)

Compared to last time we have Tony Baldry, John Randall and the resigning shadow front benchers. Anthony Steen, Peter Tapsell, Andrew Tyrie and Robert Walter did not vote against.

This means that the Tory rebels were a slightly more Eurosceptic bunch than the last one. There were three more this time, but four resignations. Looks like the Tory rebels are treading water, for now.


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