Monday, March 31, 2003
The 'War on Terror' loses its Allies - 31st March 2003, 22.27

An article in Rosbalt News by Vladislav Kraev asserted that the US had lost the 'war on terror' because it had embraced terroristic methods itself.

The war against terrorism is ending in defeat for the US because by attacking Iraq and ignoring the opinions, fears and interests of its allies, old and new, America is only making itself more enemies for many years to come. Now the American 'war against terrorism' is turning into a personal campaign which other countries are by no means obliged to support. In other words, it is no longer our business.

The article recites arguments about oil and plunder and states that the United States is no longer motivated by the international attempt to extinguish terrorism but is acting out of narrow self-interest. The breaking of international law is the crowing piece of his theme.

The article demonstrates the mindset of those countries who no longer wish to be viewed as fellow travellers on the 'war on terror' and provides an example of the arguments that they would utilise to justify their withdrawal from the 'coalition of the willing'. Watch out for this over the coming months.


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