Saturday, March 08, 2003

British Spin is back

British Spin has some trenchant views on the peace movement. Sadly all true. There are some decent people in it, but they allow themselves to be hijacked by professional revolutionaries and millitant leaders of whichever immigrant community comes from the region about to be bombed. Every bloody time.

The problem is that the peace movement seems to care about everywhere but where they come from. Palestinians may or may not have been badly treated, but in the end who cares? To be honest I find Israel to be an uncommonly corrupt and martial democracy with an uncommonly large underclass, by Western standards. By eastern standards it's close to paradise, and let's not kid ourselves that the Palestinians could manage this any better. But what is the opinion of the majority of British people? That's right they don't have one, at least anything stronger than their preference of soap opera.

How many Union Jacks are on the demonstrations or many mentions of the national interest, and if they're not how do you expect to keep middle England on side once "our boys" go in to the fight. As Iain Murray has been saying for ages, the public is a lot more pro-war when you dig down. And if you can't keep them when the bullets are flying then there is no point in boasting about the "majority of the public" now.


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