Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Go Davies Go

With all the talk of Blair going because of his support for the war, could it in fact be someone else who gets the deserved kicking for his support of America?

Three more Tory spokesmen have left (which makes a total of four so far if you include John Randall in the Whip's office). These three are
Jonathan Sayeed, Humfrey Malins and John Baron - that makes three eurosceptics and one party-liner according to Sean Gabb's candidlist.

A deposal of IDS could partly be ascribed to his honest but lackluster profile, but it will partly be down to his amazingly uncritical support for America. In that it will serve as a useful lesson to all who wish to follow him.

As long as his succesor is a Eurosceptic this could be a good step towars a coherant and recognisable Tory foreign policy after all this Anglosphere tripe.


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