Monday, March 24, 2003
Slovenia: Confirmed Results - 25th March 2003, 20.49

The EU was backed by an almost overwhelming 89.61% of Slovenian voters and joining NATO attracted 66.02% of the vote. The Slovenians saw these positive votes as a final farewell to their Yugoslavian and communist past and will probably dislike any further reference to themselves as a 'transition' economy.

The European Business site quoted congratulations from only two countries in the EU who obviously speak for all.

Satisfaction, even relief, was also voiced abroad. Slovenia's "clear choice in favor of the EU and NATO is "an important signal, especially in the current world political situation," said German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder. The French minister for European affairs, Noelle Lenoir, similarly said on a visit to Prague Sunday night that the Slovenian vote was "a message for the other candidate countries." "I am extremely confident about the other referendums. It's a repeat signal, after Malta," she said.


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