Sunday, March 16, 2003
Slovenia - 16th March 2003, 22.45

My first look at this small country was last year as I drove through on my way to Croatia and back again. Only a Slovenian border guard hassled me and asked I had bought any guns. Both my friend and I looked very surprised, given that I have never held a gun, let alone bought one. Still, It was clear to me that Slovenian gun-toting border guards should learn that Brits are not allowed guns, knives or karate. He may have been looking for a bribe but we were so unused to such notions that we didn't get the message.

Still, it appears that Slovenia takes after their Austrian sponsors and refused to allow US material through their country without a second UN vote. Their parliament also passed legislation transforming their referendum from a consultative to a binding status.

The former is unusual as they wish to join NATO and it would appear to be foolish to undermine the actions of the superpower that founded the alliance. To get English language news from Slovenia for free is quite difficult but Slovenian Business News is quite comprehensive (if pro-EU).


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