Sunday, March 23, 2003

British Body Count

As one of the main objections from this site to this war has been the brave troops who will be needlessly lost, I've decided to keep a count of how many British subjects are actually dying as a result of this. This will include more than troops, and if there is a terrorist incident directly related to this war, for example, the British victims will be counted. So how are these figures made up? For now it is:

21/3 8 - British troops die in American Sea Knight crash
22/3 1 - ITN reporter Terry Lloyd fired on by American Troops. Missing presumed dead.
22/3 6 - British troops die in helicopter collision
23/3 2 - RAF Tornado shot down by American Patriot misile. No confirmed numbers yet, but usual crew is two.

17 so far. Let's hope that there are no more.

If you wish to add to or dispute the figures please e-mail me.


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