Sunday, January 12, 2003
Zimwatch: From Crisis to Catastrophe, From Fear to Terror - 12th January 2003, 21.27

Peter Oborne's excellent programme this evening, titled "Mugabe's Secret Famine" provided some of the first visible evidence of the situation in Zimbabwe in the mainstream media (Britain's Channel 4). It appears that the populations of MDC voting areas are still in the pre-famine stage, depending upon nuts, berries, leaves and logs. Within a period of two months from the making of the film (mid-December 2002), full-scale famine will hit these areas.

The programme also pinned, with a vengeance, the lie that nothing can be done. South Africa has the capability of preventing the famine now but the ANC would prefer to prop this monster, whatever the humanitarian cost. Their excuse was that they did not wish to clean up the mess although this has not prevented their intervention in other South African countries. There is no need for military intervention, only a withdrawal of economic support.

Peter Oborne also skewered Baroness Amos, the Minister for Africa, very efficiently. Her attempts to defend Blair's lack of leadership in bringing proper economic sanctions and pressure against both Zimbabwe and South Africa were shameful.

Britain's reputation is again sullied by those in power. If you get the opportunity, never shake hands with Tony Blair, Jack Straw, Clare Short or Baroness Amos, unless they turn back from this immoral enterprise.


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