Thursday, January 23, 2003
Why are they laughing at me? - 23rd January 2003, 21.53

Romano Prodi must be used to people laughing at him for his fatuous comments and presumptuous displays of self-importance. Now he is displacing some of his sensitive nature to the European Union itself.

The President of the Commission Romano Prodi said that the EU's lack of common direction in foreign policy is making it appear weak when compared to the US.

"Europe should have a role; saying that it should is exaggerated because we are not yet united to speak with one voice. But if Europe had a common goal, in these days it could have a very big influence in the world scene. But instead, we are being laughed at."

You are laughed at because you are weak and you have nothing to back up your claims of influence. Even if you unite, you will still be ignored because you have very little force to back up your statements. It's called power.


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