Friday, January 24, 2003

If you believe that

Shock, horror. Saddam has chemical weapons, say our boys in the media. While I am sure that this is true (the question is how this affects us) one can have fun with the sources.

Firstly they are that well known hard to forge evidence "hand-written Arabic-language notes" (considerate of the telegraph to tell us that Arabic is a language). So you would expect these hand-written notes to come from a pretty reputable organisation with a track record of disinterested neutrality, like the Iraqi National Coalition. Ho hum, the group that is bigger in the beltway than in Iraq. Got to believe them, then.

What is also interesting is that they are talking about the weapons being used if the West invades Iraq. In other words they would be for defensive purposes, which at least rings true - chemical weapons being almost useless for offensive purposes, even less for terrorism.


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