Thursday, January 23, 2003

That word, opposition

I don't like using the word brilliant to describe any thing, but this article by my improvement on, Christopher Montgomery, get's close.

Perhaps this is because I agree with every word, and the apelation would not apply from more hawkish souls. However the idea that party advantage is to be obtained in opposing the Government is right on the mark.

There's more on this from me in a rather dated article. One thing that is especially dated is this sentiment:

There is a growing band of Conservative MPs who are asking intelligent questions on this silly adventure, but their number does not include Bernard Jenkin, Michael Ancram or Iain Duncan Smith.

Well how about this little contribution from Milord Ancram, formerly adamantine in his support for the Sumerian adventure:

"Do you realise how much work still needs to be done to persuade the British people that Britain's interests and the safety of British interests would be at risk unless action is taken to eliminate weapons of mass destruction?"

Well, there's a thing. Do these British people include Tory activists, donors and MPs?


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