Thursday, January 09, 2003
Christianity's Clause in the Eurocon - 9th January 2003, 22.48

Romano Prodi has issued a letter supporting the inclusion of a clause in the new European Constitution supporting the Christian (specifically) Catholic tradition in Europe.

"In the process of construction of the new Europe, no one can remain on the margin or be unknown, to say nothing of excluded; the cultural and religious traditions cannot be neglected, especially the Christian, which has been and is indispensable for defining the memory and future hope of Europe," Prodi stated.

"In Europe, the future of Christianity is closely linked to that of the challenges of the Continent, as well as to its responsibilities before the world in this historic moment," he added.

This was released to a group called the EuroChristians, a Catholic group based in Spain, arguing for the inclusion of Christian values in the reformed European Union. Rather than viewing this as a resurgence of religious feeling in Europe, for which there is no evidence, one can view campaigns like this as an indication of the ideological stakes up for grabs in the Convention, leading to a renewed articulation of submerged themes like Christian democracy.

Will we see an anticlerical and secularising backlash?


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