Thursday, January 16, 2003

Peace of what?

A new group seems to be organising called Tories for Peace. One must read what I've got to say in the light of the fact that I know sod all about them and what they stand for, all I have is their rather leftist sounding title.

It must be said that any debate on foreign policy in the Tory ranks is to be welcomed. At the moment the biggest insult seems to be that you are not sufficiently subservient towards American foreign policy goals.

On the other hand, can't they get another name? They sound like a bunch of bloody hippies. Peace is a nice thing, but it is never a permanent fact of life. You might as well call the group "Tories for living for ever". Barring the Second Coming peace will not be achieved, and a good case can be made by the supporters of the war that they are aiming for peace - it is the impossibility that one must aim for.

So "Tories for the National Interest" doesn't have the same ring to it, but surely a better title can be found. We have to recognise that war is inevitable in this fallen world, however that doesn't mean that we should get involved in other people's wars just becaues we may feel left out.


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