Friday, January 10, 2003

How to do it

I remember the peace movement in America and they were, as the Americans say, "a wash", which means that they were about as engaging and even less effective than their British counterparts. Something's happened if stories such as this one are anything to go by. The peace groups in America seem to have discovered the flag, and patriotism is no longer a dirty word (a couple of months ago I saw coverage of an American peace demonstration that seemed to be covered in the Stars and Stripes - I almost fell out of my chair).

If you were to parade a Union Jack at a London demonstration you would be in serious danger of lynching. The peace movement will never be able to convince the country at large - which it at times forgets is the target audience - that it is concerned about the fate of Britain as much as it is of Iraq. After all it should be an easy sell. The government of the country is proposing to put British people at massively greater risk of terrrorist attrocity for no discernable national gain except the idea that the American President may like us a bit more. You'd have to be bloody unpatriotic to support that agenda.

But no, let's tie the peace movement to issues such as third world debt and anti-Zionism that will at best bore and at worse antagonise the British public.


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