Wednesday, July 09, 2003

The Spanglosphere

Yes, beating the Anglosphere is like beating a dead horse - but some people still believe it and it will have to be disproved time and again like communist economics.

Another example of how the American ruling class holds us in contempt is the fact that the Spanish have enlisted Bush to lobby Blair on Gibraltar:

Downing Street confirmed last night that Mr Bush and Mr Blair had recently discussed Gibraltar in a telephone conversation, but refused to provide any details.

So Bush made a call to Blair on the subject of Gibraltar at the behest of Aznar. No matter how toned down the words were the message is clear - America is on Spain's side here. If they were on our side (or even neutral) then there would be no call, simple as that.

Of course America has no burning desire to see this small Mediterranean corner of the Anglosphere swamped by the spics, but it's payback for their verbal support of America. Not military support, mind you.

And Britain's pay back? Well, you may well ask.


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