Saturday, July 12, 2003

Are they serious?

After sniping at the unoriginality of the British war bloggers, I must say that their Yank counterparts are not unoriginal. Either that or they are doing some heavy duty drugs. Instapundit, among others (see Steve Sailer for other culprits) says that its a good thing that Americans are getting hit by terrorists. No I'm not making this up (although maybe Prof Reynolds is making up a very sophisticated joke).

It seems that these young lads, some of them with families, some of them British, are really "flypaper" and not human beings. You see before the war there was no terrorism against America within Iraq (there was no real terrorism against America from Iraqis, but I digress). Now there is. Result.

You see that instead of attacking targets outside Iraq - such as some of the sybaritic
regimes they have in Arabie - they attack allied troops and they can dealt with on the ground where the population is hostile towards us and where they know the language and terrain better than we do. Of course not attacking our troops may be an even better result but that's just isolationist dreaming.

For the first time for ages I'm actually feeling positive about this fight. If the pro-war side are using such blatantly silly arguments than we're winning. At bloody last.


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