Sunday, July 13, 2003

How many reasons do you need?

Junior minister Michael Wills is leaving the government for the Clare-Shortish reason that he wants to spend more time with his causes, in this case "trade justice". Basically he claims that the Common Agricultural Policy discriminates against African farmers (which it does). So he wants to reform it:

So the first step must be to build a democratic mandate for ending the CAP throughout Europe and within a tight deadline. If popular opinion can be mobilised to support British ministers in driving change through the negotiating chamber, then the discussion can start about a new agricultural regime. It is time for Europe's dozing millions to wake up and scrap the CAP.

But Mikey, you can't. We're in the EU and as long as we have France and Germany united on this the unanimous will of the British Parliament can huff and puff and still the rotten edifice will remain. Of course the CAP is clearly against our national interests, but due to our membership of the EU we can't do anything about it.

And that's the real benefit of leaving the EU. At the moment we can't make decisions that are in our interest - when we leave we will be.


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