Saturday, July 19, 2003

Best of British?

Samizdata moans that the Guardian are "airbrushing" them out of an article on British political blogs.

Get over it. If they mentioned Natalie Solent, Iain Murray, Stephen Pollard, Peter Cuthbertson and Peter Briffa they are probably not motivated by fear of the destructive power of a website.

They may just be wondering if Samizdata is a British blog anymore as it seems to be written by (a) American citizens or (b) people who would dearly like to be American citizens.

Just as a matter of record Airstrip One was unmentioned despite the fact that it is probably the oldest active British political blog. I for one just put it down to the fact that hardly anyone reads us, but perhaps they're trying to airbrush us off the internet as well. Now where's my medication?


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