Sunday, July 20, 2003

Hit counter

Is there any package out there that can measure hits through a graphic interface? That is with various numbers it would show different graphics (I particularly want a thermometer saying "Today interest in British foreign affairs is...Non Existent/Lukewarm/Stirring/Hot/Off the Scale").

Specifically I would like to measure hits over the previous twenty four hours (rather from the previous midnight) and have various viewing figures as triggers.

It just appears to me as there has been a sudden influx of readers in the last three days (and welcome to you all) at least by my standards with no direct link from any high volume blog nor any notable increase in either the volume or standard of the posts. This is a good indication that people are suddenly interested. Its down from the heady numbers during the main fighting during the Iraqi war - stirring rather than hot.

So any ideas on how to deliver this service?


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