Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Robertson goes bonkers

What is George Robertson, departing head of NATO, playing at?

If you are outside the UK you may not be aware that he is threatening to sue the Sunday Herald in Scotland for a message that appeared on an ill frequented notice board.

The idea was that the suggestion that he had supported a firearms certificate for mass murderer Thomas Hamilton would harm future job prospects. I'd say. However letting the world know about this allegation is not the best way to fight it. If you are curious to see what the allegations are you can go to Greg Lance-Watkins' site or David Ickes' site. I hope that I do not need to tell you that I either approve or agree with what either of these two gentlemen say. So why is Robertson publicising a theory that was largely limited to a number of kooks?

Well was it? The Sunday Herald for one was incredibly interested in the story. As was the Scottish National Party and the Guardian. The story has been bubbling under the surface for about seven years now.

And to make it worse for Robertson there are now new rumours about the poor man (although this site is also dodgy so caveat lector).

It does seem a bit over the top to have a go at a newspaper for a message board which no one seemed to notice for a few months. It also seems a bit unsporting that if the Herald were to defend its actions it would be relying for its defence on documents that have been put under a one hundred year secrecy rule. These documents could contain little gems such as:

A 'comparative analysis of Thomas Hamilton' by Central Scotland Police

Information about Hamilton's 'use and possession of firearms'

Details on firearms licensing policies

I wonder what that information about the 'use and possession of firearms' is? And again, why the hell is he suing?


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