Monday, May 13, 2002

Where Bias can lead

This web log doesn't cover the middle east, although British reaction to the area is well within its remit. However this latest vote by the Likud saying "never" to a Palestinian state (yes, I know, never doesn't quite mean the same thing in that part of the world as it means anywhere else) is notable for its absence of comment in the blogosphere.

This is notable for two reasons. Firstly its a serious slap in the face to the Americans, and the Administration is looking weaker and weaker. If you take the proposition seriously that the only thing that's stopping the world spinning off its orbit is the prestige of the West (alright America) then this is a serious blow. Not only is America snubbed, but its snubbed by the largest party in a state which arguably owes its existence to American largesse.

Secondly this makes the pro-Israeli side a lot harder to defend.

Think about what the alternatives are to some sort of Palestinian state:

1) Give it to Jordan. Probably the best shot, but Jordan doesn't want it and its hard to blame them for that. It would be easier for the Jordanian royal family to go into exile now rather than waiting for them to get chucked out. Anyway how would Trans-Jordan not become the defacto new Palestinian state, complete with six hour marches to Tel Aviv?

2) Keep it under millitary occupation for ever. Bit of a non starter unless they have the appetite for a permanent guerilla war.

3) Chuck out the A-rabs. Trust me, this will be impossible to defend if you don't want people asking about the colour of your shirt.

But does the blogosphere come out with anything on this? Not that I've seen, not even a piece to say "don't take this all too seriously" or "hey, Sharon's a moderate".

Andrew Sullivan says nothing on the Likud vote but that "More and more, Americans see Israel's struggle against the Palestinian terrorist insurgency as no different from our own struggle against al Qaeda. Sharon wins!" Not if his party continue like this he won't.

Instapundit. Nothing for the foreseeable future.

Rantburg is to be fair not doing today's blogging yet, but if he doesn't cover it then it will be a gross oversight.

Natalie Solent says nothing - not even a claim that this batty move "promotes moderation rather than the reverse".

Daddy Warblogs doesn't have a peep on this, although there's an unfortunately timed piece on why Israel has done nothing to start the troubles.

Peter Briffa. Nothing.

Iain Murray. Nothing.

Samizdata. Barren.

Andrew Dodge. Not a peep.

Freedom and Whisky. Nowt

This is a limited survey covering either the hawkish British bloggers or some of the better known other bloggers. But its indicative. Here we have Israel's largest party doing something which on the face of it is explosive and a slap in the face for the present administration. Ignoring it won't make it go away.


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