Friday, May 24, 2002

No Free Speech, we're Europeans

This should send a shiver up our spines. British media promotes Islamophobia, says EU. They what? Threre have been lies about Islam spread by our newspapers, but that usually involves claiming that a religion spread almost entirely by the force of arms is somehow "peaceful".

The Sun became almost unreadable by saying that as most Muslims were honourable and peaceful people that Islam was somehow not to blame for the violence that was associated with it. Just like student Marxists are often very well off, but that doesn't mean that socialism isn't to blame for the fall in living standards when its been implemented.

Well the report (a PDF is available here) blames all anti-Islamic incidents on media reporting. ThThese incidents included "In Oldham racist graffiti was dubbed on to the wall of a Mosque", graffiti in a Heathrow toilet saying "Muslim Skum" and a newsagent being called "Osama" by his suppliers.

The fact that 19 muslims hijacked a plane and killed 2500 may have had something to do with it. But no, it was Margaret Thatcher who criticised Muslim leaders for not saying that September 11 was "disgraceful". Well, wasn't it?

This part from the Telegraph says it best:

Even the BBC was reproached for calling Osama bin Laden an "Islamic fundamentalist" and an "Islamic terrorist", on the grounds that his acts were "un-Islamic".

So history is to be thrown overboard for the opportunistic interpretation of Islam, which sort of ignores the more bloodthirsty parts of the Koran.

The really worrying piece is that this is not from some sort of "worthy" pressure group, but from the European Union. Further European integration won't just mean innapropriate interest rates or identity cards, but muzzling the press as well.


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