Tuesday, May 07, 2002

Random thoughts on Fortuyn

There'll be more in depth

Unfortuynate moral

Jean Marie Le Pen was often vilified for having thugs surround him as his "bodyguard". Pim Fortuyn refused to have his own bodyguard, requesting police protection (which was refused). Le Pen's still alive.

Unfortuynate gaff

No matter what feelings political figures arouse, the ballot box is the place to express them A Blair

"No matter what feelings"? Hardly uncatagoric, is it?

Fortuynate Reporting

Why is Pim Fortuyne's policies reported to be right wing economically and left wing socially? How is social freedom in these times in any way a left wing cause - who wants to ban foxhunting and sack people for telling racist jokes?

Fortuyne favours the brave

According to the Guardian:

Mr Blair had been planning to hold an official bilateral meeting with the Dutch prime minister, Wim Kok, and then speak at a Dutch Labour party rally. Mr Blair still has a strong reputation in the Netherlands and was seen as a star turn in the campaign to push back Fortuyn's political support. His relatively unconventional style was thought to be useful in the fight against Fortuyn.

An "official" bilateral meeting before going to a political rally. Who's paying for the flight, etc? Is it entirely appropriate for us to pay for our Prime Minister to appear at a foreign election rally. Isn't that blatent interference in another country's politics?


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