Friday, May 17, 2002

Allies do spy on each other

Israeli arts students or spies? I must admit that I've not kept up to date with this saga. But if they are spying on America, so what?

I don't mean that the American government shouldn't act to stop the Israelis, but what we shouldn't do is act shocked that the Israelis are trying to spy on an ally for whom they rely on their long term survival. If you were Israeli wouldn't you like to know what was going on?

Put another way, does anyone seriously think that there isn't a big American intelligence effort in Israel trying to find what those crazy Middle Easterners will do next? Do they think that Carville and the rest were sent out, twice, to help Barak fight Likud without the knowledge and approval of the American administration?

Or what about Britain? Is anyone seriously suggesting that there is no interest from American intelligence in our affairs?

What makes an ally is not the lack of espionage agents (that would not indicate an alliance but a vassal state) but temporary mutual interests.

What is very puzzling is the behaviour of the warbloggers. Do they really think that Israel is incapable of spying on America, and are they really confident that nothing will turn up? Jonathan Pollard should act as a reminder.


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