Wednesday, May 08, 2002

Assassins of Liberty

Justin Raimondo has a good piece on the far right in Europe. Although he is still far too nice about Le Pen (his links to the more authoritarian right precede and follow his Poujadiste period) he makes a good point about the EU's Soviet methods.

On a similar point, did anyone catch what Chris Patten said on the radio this morning? I may have been half asleep (well I was) but he seemed to have actually got some of the reasons why the far right are doing so well. It seemed to engage with them intelligently and was a far cry from the "don't vote Nazi" juvenallia that the establishment have subjected us poor voters to so far. He didn't seem to address working class alienation, but maybe someone will get there.

However, the fact that it was Fatty Pang who actually seemed to treat the voters as intelligent sentient beings shocked me. Luckily pro-Europeans like Patten by and large treat the voters as idiots on Europe and then wonder why they are so far behind in the opinion polls.


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