Monday, May 13, 2002

Fair's fair

Fred Pruit at Rantburg has told us what he thinks of the Likud vote and it aint much.

He also points to American Kaiser who used the S word.

Damien Penny, another blog where I will never appear on the links column, also doesn't like it.

War Now! comes out with the somewhat inevitable "Sharon's a moderate" line (which on this issue and in that company he actually is). Oh Bruce, James Carville ran Ehud Barak's campaign and not Netenyahu's.

This chap, Alley Writer, actually likes the vote.

Tal G in Jerusalem has a piece on the internal dynamics of it all, pointing out that when one of the two is in power the other is the "critic from the right". Sometimes it's not fair, the Tories were barely as tenth a demented over Europe and they are cast into outer darkness, Likud pull these stunts and get into power on the back of them.

Oxblog, a new web log which I will have to pay more attention to in due course, calls this a step backwards.

No response from the Brit Bloggers, although Natalie Solent reports on some campus demonstration getting nasty. So stupid left wing students at an American university deserve a mention, but not stupid right wing politicos.


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