Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Shades of Gray

John Gray has a stab at analysing the far right in the New Statesman.

I must admit he seems to do a better job than the "don't vote Nazi" crowd. A couple of things are disturbing from this refugee from neo-classical economics. Firstly he talks about "fascists" discovering Libertarian economics, in which case one wonders how they can meaningfully be called fascists.

He then goes on to describe Russia and China as being examples of market economies that have made no progress in other areas of human liberty. Does he seriously think that these two countries are as repressive, or more repressive, than the days of Mao and Stalin? Only a neo-conservative can believe something so absurd.

However the piece is worth suffering for, especially when he points out the anti-naitonalism of the inter-war Nazis.


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