Monday, May 27, 2002

Happy Monday

My improvement at has come up with another, well, interesting article about India and Pakistan. He thinks its all America's fault.

He also lambasts the British elite for not standing up to India, and so roping in Pakistan as a pliant ally. What we need a pliant ally for in South Asia is beyond me, but these High Tory die hards are darn entertaining. Well worth reading.

One line that is especially good is when talking about the emptiness of "morality" when talking about the brutality of state power:

for we understand, whether Tories or libertarians, truths about states few liberals have an interest in admitting.

Now there are a lot of libertarians, High Tories and those who regard themselves as being on the right who are every bit as hopelessly moralistic on foreign policy as a New Labour ethical foreign policy. The principle holds good, though.

I've also been asked to write on Mr Montgomery's excellent start up site, Electronic Review. And here's the piece, it's on Conservative attitudes on withdrawal from the EU. Read it.


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