Monday, February 25, 2002

Zim Watch

Will Mugabe do a runner? If he is contemplating it, it would be due to an opposition win, indicating that the opposition have a chance of winning, indicating that although Mugabe is up to some unsavoury tricks, the polls may be free by African standards.

Now is there any truth to the allegations that Tsvangarai was plotting to assasinate Mugabe? The government is saying that this was all Morgan's idea, the opposition say that it was total fraud. How about a third way, that this was an entrapment? Tsvangarai was lured into this by Mugabe's buddies, but actually contemplated a coup - even if not as explicitely as his edited comments imply?

The British deny any involvement.

This means that Mugabe is a nasty piece of work, in that he tries the Guy Fawkes trick, but we all know he's capable of that. It would also mean that Tsvangarai is not guilty in law. But it would mean that Tsvangarai is no saint. Now that's not what our media tells us to think, is it?


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