Monday, February 25, 2002
No European

Gee, thanks. That excellent Unqualified Offerings plugs me. I want to stress what a valuable site it has become. Chiefly, Airstrip One has become the best source for links on the situation in Afghanistan. He even goes on to say that I'm not anti-American, something that friends and enemies alike both miss.

He does however say that I'm a European, of which I do not like to be reminded. It's not my fault I live on this continental shelf.

I'm usually rather wary of using language for political purposes, but
it may be an idea for both isolationists and Anglosphere-icals (or whatever they call themselves) to start referring to the French, Germans and other heirs to the Holy Roman Empire as "Continentals" rather than "Europeans" - hence automatically isolating Britain as an island offshore. This would by happy coincidence stop the linguistic confusion that conflates two proud but culturally, historically and geographically seperate traditions.


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