Thursday, February 21, 2002

Yet another reason to hate the European Union

So why are we having to pay all these extra taxes? For the NHS, stupid.

So why is the NHS costing more? Well one of the major reasons is that it is being sued more.

So when did it start getting sued so much? Since Crown Immunity was lifted, which was part of the original NHS bargain - you got your treatment free at the point of use and you didn't sue if it went wrong.

Why was Crown Immunity lifted? Well the House of Lords in the infamous Factortame case judged that Crown Immunity was in contravention to EU law.

So we have to put up with a declining health system and even higher taxes because of the European Union? You got it.

I bet an expensive yet still Third World health system isn't going to be one of the items they'll be including in the benefits of EU membership.


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