Friday, February 01, 2002

Price of Failure

After the farce at the Commonwealth, Mugabe gets his media bill, details here. Is there any connection between Mugabe recovering on the international stage and Parliamentary opposition crumbling? Of course.

One comment that angered me was Jack Straw's "We got less than we hoped for but more than we expected". If you didn't hope for it then why did you try to force the issue when Mugabe was in the middle of a power struggle with more moderate elements in his own party? I sense cock up (and cover up) rather than conspiracy.

Mugabe's talking about "Political War" with Britain.

The opposition appeals to the South Africans, who in the meantime say that they believe that Mugabe is "committed to a fair election". America signals her displeasure. The EU says it's very cross, but it won't do much. Denmark won't wait, and cuts back on aid (and Mugabe has made the country dependent on this).

And hey, doesn't anyone read this?


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