Wednesday, February 27, 2002

Zim Watch

The police are still harrasing Tsvangarai. They've also arrested two other key MDC workers (including one with the glorious name of Welshman Ncube). The US has denounced this all.

The MDC have had two rallies banned, while the MDC have called for the international observers to close down the "war veterans". There's another allegation of a murder of an MDC activist.

On the video plot, the journalist behind the original documentary is standing by his story. There has been some commentary on this from the excellent Natalie Solent. She points to an interview with the set up artist, as if this exonerates Tsvangarai. I don't think it does. Tsvangarai did discuss a coup, and unless the full video shows that there was a 180 degree difference between that and the edited highlights - then he's done something wrong. He was set up, but this seems to have been embellished rather than invented. I do hope I'm wrong. Mrs Solent is an English Catholic with a good sense of history, so I'd say that this was more Guy Fawkes than Titus Oates.

Namabia claims that the violence is "exagerated".

Harare is in desperate economic straights, and food shortages are becoming critical and debt analysts slam the government.


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