Sunday, February 03, 2002

It's still none of our business

Nice things are written about my web log by Jim Henley. However he says I'm weakening, on the bay of Brigs. No such thing. There are questions that needed to be asked about the treatment of these prisoners - putting people in custody beyond any effective protection of either the Geneva convention or the criminal law is a very serious step. This does not in itself preclude an answer (although I will admit it will in some quarters). Any way this does not affect the original argument, that this reporting was not responsible for the kidnap of Daniel Pearl. Not only is that highly dubious in itself - it is also no argument for censoring the press, a censorship that will in the long term cost us far more lives.

I should at this time also mention Stefan Rood's weblog, who seems to like Airstrip One, according to his comment in the entry below.


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