Sunday, February 17, 2002
The British backed Zimbabwe Democracy Trust is calling for intervention if Mugabe wins:

Mugabe stole this election long ago – it only remains to be seen if Morgan Tsvangarai, and the people of Zimbabwe can, through an overwhelming vote, snatch it back

So this means that a Zanu victory is ipso facto evidence of vote rigging? The election can only be fair if the right candidate wins?

The Zim government have also chucked out the main EU observer (which has been backed by other African governments), while the EU threatens sanctions. Are they delaying the sanctions until the final couple of weeks until the election, and wouldn't this itself be interfering with the election?

Meanwhile Canadian Police are investigating the so called murder plot.

The Independent has a story about how Mugabe is almost becoming Blair-like in his paranoia, he's even arresting priests.

Economic hardship stalks the land, with mining in trouble and starvation looming.

The MDC threaten civil war if their leader is arrested, while the police break up demonstrations, and a teacher was beaten to death for reading the MDC's unofficial newspaper.


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